Lo​-​Fi Lusty Love Songs

by Jennifer Terran



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About this Collection!!
quirky little pieces of music.. ideas, scraps, pre-songs most of which were recorded on a $10 microphone or in garage band. From 2013 and will be adding more as I go.

there are unique images for each song. If you click on EACH SONG TITLE (not just the lyrics) something juicy will appear for your eyes as well as a story for your senses.

Thank you for witnessing, listening!!


released November 6, 2014

jennifer terran piano and voice
recorded lo fi style


all rights reserved



Jennifer Terran Santa Barbara, California

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sounder of echo and source, emotive universal and the sensual ahhhhhhh... recorder, performer, piano-er, spinner of words, consonance, dissonance, harmonic explosiveness... one who needs nature, inspired human connection, mother, world & life traveler of soul, mind and heart, and here to meet you in the beautiful folds of the music... you-me-us-on ... more

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Track Name: Try me
try me
try me
and darlin tell me, 'i need you'
try me
try me
and your love will always be true
I need you

hold me
hold me
I want you right here by my side
hold me
hold me
and your love... we won't hide
i need you

walk with me
talk with me
I want you stop my heart from crying
walk with me
talk with me
and your love will stop my heart from dyin
I need you.
Track Name: Pocket Knife

I'd like to be your pocket knife
in your jeans, against your thigh..

Out we'd go, on a warm spring day
I'd hear you sing through muffled jeans

You'd climb us up, a tall oak tree
where no one sees, but birds and breeze

You'd pull me out
to cut a branch
dead and grey
in the way.
Track Name: Time for Sleep
time for sleep
time for dreaming
why won't you come right here in my bed?!
Track Name: Open it up

Thought that I would make a song
you could easily sing along to. in harmony.
I don't know you all that well,
but you're my friend I can tell
and Doors. Are for opening.

Down by the creek, a tree's fallen down.
Open it up. See what you found.

Make the table of my dreams
where people eat, laugh and sing
toasting glasses.
Cause my fury to subside
to find joy again and glide
in harmony.

Down by the creek, a tree's fallen down.
Open it up, see what you found

Come over with your tools and mill
to split the wood, side of hill.
Probe the mystery

Sand it down, shine it up.
See stories, shapes, diving ducks.
What the kids are seeing.

Down by the creek, a tree's fallen down.
Open it up, see what you found

Were we meant to suffer so?
though death it comes to ALL, you know.
(sometimes.... it's early)
So climb the trees, play and sing, uncover all the melodies
within us

And do our best to move along
Like water does
as river song
with ALL that's given.

Down by the creek, a tree's fallen down
Open it up, see what you found.
Down by the creek, a tree's fallen down
Open it up, see what you found.

WORDS & MUSIC by Jennifer Terran
Copyright 2013

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