Full Moon In 3

by Jennifer Terran

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Sensual universal.... love, heat, rain, earth, river, magic outer space inner space. Another step in the journey and one of my favorite records to record, create and to fall into. Hope it stirs something deep.


released January 1, 2006

Jennifer Terran: Piano, mellotrons, keyboards, drum loops & arrangement

Todd Sickafoose: Bass (upright & electric)

David Brogan: Drums & percussion; & some keyboard

Brendan Statom: Double Bass

David Simon-Baker: Drum loops

Laura Mihalka: Cello

Claud Lis: Violin

Jennifer Terran

Jennifer Terran & David Simon-Baker

Engineered by:
David & Jennifer

Mellotron/string arrangements:
Jennifer Terran

Mixed by:
Husky Hoskulds w/ JT (all premixing by Jennifer and David)

Recorded at Laughing Tiger Studios in San Rafael, California (San Francisco) & Jen's house in Painted Cave

The Mastering Lab in Los Angeles, CA USA


all rights reserved



Jennifer Terran Santa Barbara, California

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sounder of echo and source, emotive universal and the sensual ahhhhhhh... recorder, performer, piano-er, spinner of words, consonance, dissonance, harmonic explosiveness... one who needs nature, inspired human connection, mother, world & life traveler of soul, mind and heart, and here to meet you in the beautiful folds of the music... you-me-us-on ... more

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Track Name: Full Moon
When you pop the chain
and wait for someday
when there’ll be nothing in the way
shame you recall
repeated fallThen you mop the clock the up
humbled and sorry
but this is hardly gonna stop
just what was lost and what it costBut then I lighten up
and see the vision
Round... like the Moon
I just forget
it’s always full
and all those meals I missed
all the dead ends
all the sadness, all the pain
Enriched the soil
That grows my grain
it enriched the soil
that grows my grain

And love you know
is the Rain
Track Name: The America Song
If I was in Paris right now with the croissonts and the cafes
would the people there just frown me down?
saying to go back to my darling

If I was in Amsterdam right now
with the stroopwafels and the coffee shops
could the people there nurture my sounds?
or would I get homesick for my darling

unrequited love
don’t you give a fuck?
Can you only hear me
when I’m happy?

my love
I know you’d hear me out
if you only knew where to find me

If I was on the moon right now
With the quiet and the distance
I would cry my bitter, sweet heart out
for the beauty and the suffering in everything.
Track Name: T.V. Off
There's a war in my life
and this war I alone enable
between beauty and fear
and it's all I can do to keep me stable
So I sing my song
Sing myself free
but everybody's dosed
nearly commotosed
with the T.V. on
So I scream my song saying
hear me now please
but I should really know
I'm my worst foe
With my T.V. on

My mind called it wrong, I called it right
when i stepped inside the sweet of you my One
and from our hearts came three
and now she kicks all l ove and hope
against my navel
i'm gonna tell her
Sing your song
Sing yourself free
and love your crooked toes
and your bumpy thighs ... T.V. off
Sing your song sweeter than me
And just so you know
You can stop the show any time baby ... T.V. OFF
Track Name: Opening's Had
The exit is entrance
to a politically free... high reality
and laughter, laughter, laughter allows it
But someone turned the shit on you
And you deny what you intuitively truthed
You’re a perpetrator and a victim
but somewhere, somewhere, somewhere Still
You’re just found

Sharky shakes under her head
hound hound hound
All these empties shake you shivering mad
hush hush hush
Run so shallow will your orifices bled
ass ass ass
As ending serves as opening’s had

Contained, paralyzed
unconscious, trivialized
Stagnant... where once there was knowing
knowing, knowing...
I’ll never get over the near death of my instrument
my soul is contained in it
and it was just Bluebeard, Blueb eard
Teasing me with a bleeding key...
Sharky shakes under her head..
Track Name: Pommegranite Weed
Pomegranite weed
wish I never let you free
The bitch
of me
is yours
Red and leather screams that tore
You’ve an image of me in your mind
But what you’ve assembled
is a lie.

(Spell on him)))... fon feee la me cu me sada
oooh miii kheeena
ra ta me fa cu la
me wannn
teeee wheeech ofen owettta
weeech offen oh wettta we ofen o wet
Track Name: Tide
we are alone
clinging fast to killisha’s soul
It was on that path
I made her
I bathed her

She’d grind the meal
get the bitter out
and at the stream
let her feelings out.

It was on that path
I made her
I bathed her

And ooohhh she was the tide
and ooohhh she was the tide

I awoke in the middle of the night
with the moon burning through my window
My hands to my throat to my thighs
With you
In wonder.
Then flew myself down this high mountain top
To the edge of the water
The Moon is dividing now
On the this motion filled body
Three steps takes my ankles down
And I suspect I’ll go farther
Till I’m floating in a rich wet darkness
And I’m drifting out, out.. way out
But I’m letting myself drift
Knowing I’m losing ground
Knowing the beasts of the sea
Will have their way with me.
Track Name: Ohhh Eee
ohh eee ohh eee
ohh eee ohh eee
waves and waves
of galaxies
waves and waves
of inspiration
I know you’re out there< br> I know you could hear me
Track Name: Multi-Orgasmic Three
A line is a curve
And a curve is as time
what you perceive
you believe
as the truth
as the need
Do you notice how we keep bumping into each other?
Over again, over again, over again
The World is Round

I never thought that I could
watch him love another girl
Or be brave enough
to shake shame off
and taste the pearl.
Or be peaked to speak
about my sexuality
Must be another little something
about full moon in 3
Cause ooooh he’s fantastic
and she & me
Feel the Sun pull the Moon
And the Moon want the Sun
But if they ever did touch
It’d be the end of the song
Or would it be?

I want you in said the sun
want you in want you mine
And the moon said to the Sun
Oh love
I want you blind
Feel the sun and moon pulling me
On opposite sides
The Tide is
Up and down
The tide is Up and down.
Track Name: Circle Of Life
Do you see me?
... even though I don’t look like you
Do you have feelings?
... like happy and blue
What’s your version for eyes?
What’s your version for mouth?
What’s it like when you cry?
What’s it like to be pulled by your roots?

You look good on the counter
dressed in fine oil and herb
it’s my way of saying that I love you
please don’t be disturbed
we must gather ourselves together
in this cruel circle of life
and I must do what I do and eat you
with my....

Three days ago when I started this song
the third verse hadn’t come through
but tonight the words were presented to me
and now I am unglued
for the little fly that crawled on my key
on this very A that I wanted to play
but he smeared so easily
when I carelessly brushed him aside

We must gather ourselves together
in this cruel circle of life
call some things right
call some things wrong
so our conscious can survive.
Track Name: A Big Brown Trout lives There
A big brown trout lives there
But when I try to catch him he gets scared
Hiding under rocks and the streams green hair
A big brown trout lives there

A big Brown trout lives there
So I’ll tie a special fly with much much care
A grasshopper with bulging eyes that stare
So as to please my trout in there

And all day long I can play this game
you know somehow it keeps me sane
To see the elements in perfect tune
to see all the creatures trying like I do
And in my dreams I’ve breathed under water
I’ve bathed in sil t and forever pondered our condition
Our condition
And in my dreams...
Track Name: Three-Legged Dog
Three legged dog you move me
three legged dog you’re running
with all you’ve got
you don’t know no shame
You had 4 legs at one time
Then a car hit you
and you lost one
then your dumb, mean master turned you away
he was ashamed
Of your 3...

Your crooked nose is lovely
Beauty doesn’t always come in symmetry
Still you see yourself as ugly
You’ve been watching too much television
Out of touch with what’s deeper
Is your nose what needs revision here?
Don’t be ashamed of your three legs.

3 legged dog you move me
3 legged dog you’re running
with all you’ve got
you don’t know no shame
don’t be...
Track Name: Little Rock
When I got to little rock
on that deep, blue-skied fall day
my huried thoughts had me in knotts
I had come to get away
it took a while
to make me

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